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It doesn't matter how many questions you have about gates! For any questions you may have, the following answers will somehow be helpful. Read about main gate parts and what you must do to keep the gate functional and safe. These are answers to frequently asked questions and will definitely help you out

Don't say that you don't have any questions about gates! If you do own a gate or use one often, you are surely wondering about a number of things. The best thing you can do to learn more and clarify some things for your own sake is to scroll down and take a look at the frequently asked questions and answers provided

What are the most common safety features?

Residential gate openers must integrate a reverse system and photo eyes so that the gate will stop and reverse if an obstacle is in its way. Our specialists say that there are extra sensors for additional safety, like audible ones. There are pressure sensors, photoelectric ones, exit sensors and loop detectors. If you use the gate often, have children and pets, and if the gate is rather heavy, it would be a good idea to install more safety features.

Why the weight of the gate is important when choosing motors?

The power of the motor must be enough to move the gate. The size of gates is the first determinant for its weight but not an absolute. In other words, two same size gates might weigh differently depending on the material they're made of and their thickness. Don't forget that snow or ice accumulation will make the gate even heavier. If the power of your residential gate openers isn't sufficient, the gate won't move properly and you'll have problems.

If the tensioner is fully tightened, but the chain is loose, what’s the solution?

This is not a very common issue with sliding gates, but there is an effective solution to it. The chain is probably too long for your gate. That is why some of the links should be removed. Keep in mind that this is not a DIY job. Special skills are required for it.

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