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Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

The customers of our gate company have put their experience with our technicians in words. Check out their testimonials! They will help you understand who we are and you will know who you are calling for gate repairs! Find out about the way we work and how much we take care of our clients

Residential Driveway Gate Adjustment, Repair & Installation

Great gate post repair service

“We were in the car waiting for the gate to open when my husband noticed that one of the posts was sagging. He got out of the car to see what was wrong, but there was little he could do. Your company helped us immensely. The technician advised us to reinforce the foundations of both posts and also said that he wanted to check if the bottom parts were rotten. The whole job was completed the following day. We weren't just happy with the swing gate post repair service, but also with the dedication of the tech. He was a great guy & fixed our problem on time. You have a great gate repair team!”

We loved the gate service

“We called your company for gate service. It was early autumn, we had just gotten back from vacations, hadn't used the gate for some time and my husband said it would be a good time to freshen up the house a bit. I couldn't agree more. We never expected such good assistance from your team, though. It was the first time we called you for gate repair services and we were amazed to speak with such a polite guy on the phone and see the technician arriving on time. He took his time servicing parts and the opener, was honest, told us what he did, and gave us some tips, too. Who could ask for more! Thanks for such great work!”

New Wrought Iron Gate

My daughter bought a beautiful little house with a disgusting old wooden gate. I was beyond thrilled when I found out she wanted to replace it with a wrought iron gate. I suggested she call Gate Repair Yorba Linda, they had done a few repairs for us over the years and I knew they did installation as well. She was able to schedule a consultation and an installation that worked with her schedule. Her little house has never looked better. She’s already given three of her neighbors business cards!


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